This is a small sample of Activator Media's (Carl Tietze) work. Carl creates concepts and works alone or with full video teams to match the client's exact needs. By composing music while editing the pieces he is able to achieve polished and effective results that always leaves an impression.

Just one of the fifty videos Activator Media has created for Arcimoto. This is the product launch video for the Evergreen Edition, featuring Carl's original music, onscreen talent, and video editing along with studio photography and lighting.

Created to celebrate the Women of Arcimoto.  Carl directed, shot, edited and composed the music. Aside from capturing great insight from inside the company, this video shows clever drone work, good action shots of the vehicles, and a tasty music track.

A full company video outlining the mission and product line, Carl produced the entire piece, from camera work, editing, music composition and copywriting. Inside the piece we see shots from the Deliverator and Rapid Responder product launch videos, and much more. Produced under extreme deadline.

The product launch video for The Roadster. Again, all produced by Carl. Indoor studio shots created via drone camera.

Portland tech company Globesherpa saw our TurboTax Master video and flipped.  When it came time to lure programmers to join their team they needed a fresh angle.  Good coders are hard to find.  Activator Media sat down with the Globesherpa team and asked the simple question: who are you as a company?  Within a few days Activator delivered Globesherpa their very own theme-song that not only advertises their product but help lure new employees almost immediately.

Zapproved is one of Portland's fastest-growing tech companies, leaders of E-Discovery software...allowing law firms and companies to easily track data and evidence across all platforms in a cloud-based solution. Activator Media helped launch their "I Solve E-Disovery" video series, with full production, editing, and original music.

Activator Media created this presentation for Portland, Oregon's Zapproved to be presented at their Hero Awards show in New York, February 2017, creating graphics, titles, and original music.

Portland Music Company has been locally-owned and operated for musicians since 1927.  Activator Media made this promo video for a rare electric guitar they wanted to feature.  Written, shot and edited all in one day.  What would you like to feature with your company?

"Carl single-handedly created a deluge of talent who applied to GlobeSherpa after creating our now infamous “We Need You” rap video. In Portland, talent is tight and the competition among software companies is thick. Carl helped us think through our recruitment strategy, learned our technology and culture, and in two weeks made us the talk of the town. He infused GlobeSherpa with just the right amount of creativity and edge to make us grow right when we needed the help. Activate your company, you won’t regret it."Nat Parker, CEO Globesherpa

The video that started it all--our submission to the TurboTax video competition that challenged users to make their best Rap about TurboTax in 2 minutes or less.  Activator Media wrote, recorded, shot and edited 'Turbo Tax Master' in just 72 hours.  Knocking off hundreds of other submissions, it won First Prize, $5,000, and immortal glory.  Caution: you won't get this song out of your head easily.  Long live the McRib!