Activator Media founder Carl Tietze is first and foremost a Creator.

As the Lead Media Producer for Arcimoto, he has transformed the video department for this Eugene-based electric motorcycle startup.  Writing, producing, editing and composing each video since the fall of 2018, Arcimoto’s stock has seen a 10x rise and a significantly larger digital footprint.  He has created several product launch videos, multiple interviews, over a dozen quarterly company videos, and has also honed his skills with drone cinematography, product photography, 3D modeling, motion graphics, and advanced editing techniques.

Although music is his lifelong passion, Carl began writing and producing for television in what we now know as “the 20th century.”  With credits in commercials, travel documentaries and variety programs, he cut his teeth learning how to concisely inform viewers while also entertaining them.  After his move to the West coast he adopted a more guerrilla approach to advertising: do it quick, do it cheap, and make it irresistible.

Nothing better shows this paradigm than in his First Prize ‘TurboTax Master:’  a YouTube entry that was written, shot and uploaded in an astonishing 72 hours, winning $5,000 and knocking off hundreds of other entries.

Portland startup GlobeSherpa noticed, and the resulting video delivered the goods.  

Activator’s premise is simple: every business, small or large, needs a great website…clever social media…and an engaging video telling the world who they are.

Activator delivers it all with humor, creativity, and speed.  

“Carl single-handedly created a deluge of talent who applied to GlobeSherpa after creating our now infamous “We Need You” rap video. In Portland, talent is tight and the competition among software companies is thick. Carl helped us think through our recruitment strategy, learned our technology and culture, and in two weeks made us the talk of the town. He infused GlobeSherpa with just the right amount of creativity and edge to make us grow right when we needed the help. Activate your company, you won’t regret it.”Nat Parker, CEO Globesherpa


FLIPT FRAME is native Northwesterner Zachary Brown & company. He was Born in Tumwater, Washington later earning a digital filmmaking degree from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2004. Later that same year, he relocated to Portland, Oregon and has resided there since. He has worked for local production houses and large-budget union productions as a shooter, editor and in the art department, most recently for the TV series Grimm between 2011-2013. In 2013, he chose to split paths from Grimm to work as a freelance filmmaker, producing music videos, local commercials, small business bio videos, short films and documentaries. He especially enjoys working with the colorfully varied and talented pool of Portland artists, from musicians to performance artists to illustrators to set designers and more. Such collaborations allow him to compose and execute multimedia explorations that tap into the vast creative potential of the video medium..

Diggable Monkey Productions is a boutique video production facility conveniently located in Northeast Portland, OR. The company was established in response to a growing need among businesses, organizations and individuals seeking to enliven their internet message and leverage video media opportunities in the Internet Age.

On Jan. 1, 2011, Kevin opened Diggable Monkey Productions for business and immediately began working on a series of successful subscription-based learning “e-courses” for notable regional and nationally recognized artists including Flora Bowley, Rachel Brice, Lilla Rogers, Kelly Rae Roberts and Jeffrey Bale. A proponent of the arts, Kevin has contributed to the success of civic organizations and businesses alike. In large part, his community-driven aesthetic is derived from a 10-year run as a volunteer coordinator working on “theme camp” development at the annual Burning Man festival in Gerlach, NV (2000-2008, 2012).